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The AppointmentWala System

AppointmentWala is most affordable system to discover business around you and fix appointments or buy products online. Best part is that it works well for almost any kind of business. You can find thousands of products and services listed at our appointmentwala portal. Please do visit appointmentwala and experience the simplicity & beauty of the product.

How it works?

The Product
We have provided an easy to use platform for users to interact with each other seamlessly in an authentic way. Anyone with an email address or mobile number can join and reap the benefits. All emails and phone numbers are verified before making any business transaction. Your privacy and information security are very important to us. We do not spam or sell your data to anyone. Your data is shared only with the users you intend to do a business or want to enquire about. Delivering the accuracy at fast speed is our key objective. Keeping in the mind our value driven consumers, we come up with highly cost effective system of our time.

Let the world know
Be known to the world. List your business with us and get chance to connect with the world. Internet is most effective way to advertise than paper as this let your prospects take action in real time.
Be found
We promote your business on search and display networks. Our search engine presence is remarkable. We have more than 100K impressions each week on display networks and very good click through rate.
Get new customers
Get new customers for your products and services. Users can fix appointments for their family members. You get chance to sell your products and services to family members too.

We work on SAAS modal. SAAS means software as a service. You do not have to buy or develop an expensive software, instead you use software at small monthly or yearly charges. You may use only a part of it or all modules as per your requirement. Best part here is that you decide your own cost. While most e-commerce providers charge you above 3% per transaction, our software is available to you as low as Rs. 3 per transaction. However you may bid higher to rank higher in search results. Our plans are designed to give the best value for your money. You do not need to buy sms gateway or payment gateway. Also you do not need any website or email servers. If you already have a website then you can use the online booking gadget from your own web site too.

Benefits to you

  • Easy to change your business rules any time you desire.
  • Reduced no shows.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Flexibility to change your online catalog any time.
  • Decide your own cost per customer acquisition and cost per transaction.
  • Auto assign resources.
  • Collect online advance payments.
  • Reduced customer disputes with well-defined cancellation rules.
  • No capital expenditure required.

Let's get started

1. Create your account.
2. List your business. You shall be getting user enquiries and appointment requests.
3. Add more products and services. (optional)
4. Define tariff plans and happy hours etc. (optional)
5. Respond to user enquiries.
6. Deliver your products and services.
7. View reports and target non returning customers.


Free access to marketplace
We spend heavily on internet and mobile advertising for our marketplace AppointmentWala. We have very good click through rate and very good performance statistics (can be shared with you on request).
Enquiry and Like buttons
Web site visitors can quickly contact you through one click "Send enquiry" button available on top of your searched page. Also when someone view your phone then you get automated alert.
Social Proof
Trust needs to be developed first before doing any transaction. We easily trust the provider and want to visit the same place that our friends are using. How many of us shall be tempted to click like button or send enquiry to such a business?
Appointment Management System
Get most affordable appointment system suitable for almost all kind of businesses.
Advance payments from customers
Advance payment reduces no shows and gives you only genuine customers.
Download your funds next day
No monthly settlements. You can download eligible funds any time.
Robust tariff structure
Tariff can vary by Weekday, Time of the day, Customer Group, Resource, Service and/or Service delivery.
Web promotion and package sale
Issue coupons for your packages / discounts. Web promotion needs no pre-issue of coupons. Voting option can be attached with any web promotion coupon.
Customer Segments
Visiting, Awaiting, Not returned and never made an appointment are some of the segments that give you instant list of customers to issue promotional coupons to the customers.
Customization of business emails
Special terms and conditions can be defined in the confirmation mails etc.
Automated time zone conversion
Times are shown according to the visitor location.
Cancellation and refund rules
A clearly defined cancellation and refund policy avoids last minutes cancellations.
Multiple languages and Currencies
Suitable for International customers as well as local ones. All Prices are converted to user desired currency. You can choose any 2 Languages and define all your entity names in these two languages.
Payment terms
Payment percent and advance days can be defined at customer level. You may define longer credit period to agents.
Facebook app or Dynamic page for your website
We give a unique URL that display your real-time availability. You can use this URL to create your Facebook App or to embed appointment gadget in your own website.
Email / SMS alerts
According to user preferences notifications and alerts are sent to customers through email / SMS or website inbox.
SMS at 20 Paisa
Send Local SMS to and from India at most economic rates. Every user gets 50 SMS free.
Offline reminders
Customer get .ics file for the confirmed appointments. These can be used to set reminders in Outlook or other software.
Variable tariff
You can define fix tariff along with variable tariff.
Customer groups
Manage customers in groups. Tariffs can be defined at group level.
Employee roles
You can offload some workload by appointing managers.
Locations on Google maps
Easy for first time visitors to locate your business place. Customers fixing home visit sees the perimeter clearly.
Team level appointments
An appointment booked at team level is not available for individual resources for that duration and vice versa.
Restrictions on customers
You can block any problem user or can fix limit on number of appointments he/she can fix in a day.
Age and gender restrictions
Optionally you may define services for certain age group and/or gender only. Users not telling their gender / date of birth cannot fix appointments for such services.
Stealth mode
When you opt for "Hide from strangers" option, your establishment is then visible allowed users only but making it hidden from anonymous users.
Online chat
Service can be delivered through online chat too. You can take 100% advance and provide your valuable suggestions through internet chat.
Auto approval of appointments
Your visitors get instant approval. System takes care of time sharing and availability of the resources.
Appointment Gifting
Fix appointment for your connections. You can give incentive for referral appointments too.
No Setup Cost
No contracts to sign. Easy to exit and start selling your services with in 5 Minutes.